About Us

Who are we?

King Air Grille is a fast-growing company which has earned customer's trust with our 20 years of expertise. We are manufacturers and providers of quality air distribution products such as grilles, registers, diffusers and air terminal units. Our works are innovative, modern and adaptive to the ever-changing architectural designs as well as customer’s needs.

On top of providing quality products, King Air Grille also strives to provide excellent complementary consultation services about air distribution system to help guide your unique projects. Our dedication to customer’s satisfaction makes us not only renewed for its meticulous craftsmanship that satisfy perfect precision of custom work, but also our flexibility to cooperate and quickly respond to your project’s needs for the better and more efficient outcome of your project.


Our Services

Provide Consultation and work site

Manufacture and provides air distribution products such as 

  • Air grilles and diffusers
  • Air filters (Aluminium, Nylon, Polyamide)
  • Any customized air distribution products to best fit your needs.


Our team, vision and policy?

 Management Team

King Air Grille Co., Ltd has advanced in its market by an experience and skillful team of managements and craftsman. We hold expertise in managing, manufactureing and supplying our prodcuts. We also constantly strive for improvement and regulary update our producing technology, facilities and invest in training of our human resource. We also cooperate with other 3rd party services when necessary to fulfill  our clients' needs and assure their highest satisfactions.

 Our Mission

We strive to adapt to global fast-growing economic scenes and rise to the top of the increasing competitions in the industry through means of efficient management, modern marketing strategies, and feedback-based product development.

 Our Promise To You

We promise to be the expert that help ease your project's needs. With quality products, on-demand advices right at your work site, and flexibility to cooperate and produces any products to your needs, we aim to exceed your expectation and ease your worry. We work hard to bring what is best to you, so you can worry about other things.